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Problem: 1997 Ford Super Duty with worn, splintered and split wooden gates, inadequately sized lift-gate platform, 50K original mile truck. Modest budget. Solution: Custom built and fitted AlumBody gates, retrofit a brand new Tommy Gate G2 lift-gate. The truck came out beautifully and is such a pleasure to use. The new gates are light, operate smoothly and stay cool to the touch no matter how hot it gets outside. The lift-gate has given us that extra foot we needed to safely maneuver full pallet loads. If you are in the looking ways to improve productivity and freshen up an older workhorse, the folks over at AlumBody can help.
My company is very satisfied with our aluminum truck beds! We run a contracting company and use our vehicles all day everyday. The new truck beds have not only helped our company look more professional but also helped us use less gas, less weight, be more efficient and of course made our work that much easier. We now have easy access to any part of our truck beds at any time without having to climb in for supplies and more overall space to fit all of our equipment! The staff here is very helpful and complete projects in a timely fashion. We get compliments on our new trucks all the time. I recommend this company to anyone that is in need of a truck bed. 5 STARS!!!
Urban Graffiti Enterprises
I picked up my completed aluminum truck bed about a month ago and I can’t believe how much I love it. The workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding, and it shows in the finished product. Every single person at your company who helped me were top notch and very easy to work with. I would recommend your aluminum truck beds to anyone and tell them it was well worth the extra money. I was skeptical about paying the extra money at first but as you said I would save money in gas which I am. I am looking forward to ordering my next AlumBody aluminum truck bed. I have gotten so many compliments on my truck it makes my company look good and in-turn makes me money because of it. Thumbs up to AlumBody!
DownStream Services
I am thoroughly satisfied with my new AlumBody aluminum truck bed! The staff did very well in addressing my needs amidst the many other orders and customers they were working with. In the beginning I was not happy that it took 3 weeks to get an appointment but I am so glad I waited and now understand why it took 3 weeks. I am so happy with the outstanding craftsmanship! It’s a real head turner. I have had many compliments on the look of my new AlumBody aluminum truck bed. Thank you!
Mike M.
Owner / SDC Milworks
I just picked up my truck with my custom aluminum truck bed that I ordered from AlumBody I am so happy. The quality of the materials is top notch and there are no welds. I have purchased metal truck beds in the past, but have not been satisfied. I always had to deal with rust and corrosion. AlumBody took the time to understand my needs, drew up the plans & emailed them to me so I knew what I was getting was what I wanted. I will continue to do business with AlumBody because they go out of their way to satisfy: Good Service, Good Quality & A Great Price."
Owner / Fabulous Flowers
I bought an AlumBody truck bed to travel back and forth to Arizona. I have a home there and haul firewood in the winter time. I save on average at least 5 miles to the gallon which might not seem like a lot but it adds up fast on my round trips between California and Arizona. I have a second truck for my business and it has medal bed on it. I wish I had heard about the AlumBody Aluminum Truck Beds before I purchased my medal bed. As it now has rust on corrosion. Between my two trucks I do much less maintenance on the truck with the Aluminum Bed. The Bed weighs less and because of this there is less stress on the truck.
Terry’s Custom Auto Glass
I have always used metal beds for my trucks but I had to replace them every couple of years because of the rust and corrosion. I decided to try an aluminum bed when I bought my truck 6 months ago and I must say I am so happy I did so. Not only does the bed look the same as the day I picked it up. I am saving about $120.00 in gas every month. I highly recommend AlumBody for their aluminum beds.
Ron Myers
The beds built by AlumBody are great. Since they are made of aluminum they weigh less than the original truck bed. As a result, they provide maximum payload. They are very well designed and built and are easily repaired if damaged. I have seen AlumBody beds that have been on the road for years and still look great. For my money this is the best flatbed built.
Rich Gallihardt
I’m always amazed at how simple and strong something can be if it’s designed cleverly. As a metal fabricator, I appreciate the design and build quality of the aluminum beds from AlumBody. The beds are incredibly strong since they use extruded interlocking panels bordered with riveted side rails. There is nothing there that isn’t needed. Extra pieces and weight, translate into less payload. I’m using more aluminum in my own products since weight and cost need to be reduced as strength and payload are increased. I haven’t seen any beds that even come close.
Deshler's Collision Repair
"I’ve been selling trucks with Alumbody aluminum beds for many years. When they first came on the market, I recognized that they had inherently two major advantages over the standard wood and steel bed; they were lighter and more durable. I have sold many of these aluminum beds over the years. The feedback I get from clients is that they are very happy with the durability, functionality and aesthetics of the beds. This positive feedback translates into repeat alumbody bed installations. McDonald Enterprises - Commercial Vehicle Sales" Cordially,
Malcolm McDonald
Wow! AlumBody is a great way to save money on gas! I spoke to a lady on the phone and she told be the benefits of an aluminum truck bed instead of a metal bed. She sent an estimate and two weeks later I had my aluminum bed on my truck. That was 5 months ago. The bed is very durable. We pick up used parts and are very hard on the truck. The truck will pay for itself with in a year or two in the savings on gas.
Apple Auto Dismantaling
We at Kearny Pearson Ford have been using AlumBody (Load Maximizer) aluminum truck beds for over 10 years. The room we pick up due to the larger size of the beds is invaluable. The cost savings in fuel is a great help to my expense control, because the larger aluminum bed is weight neutral to the smaller stock bed. On my F150’s an old steel and wood stack bed could be 500 to 700 pounds more than stock. The durability of the beds is good, I have beds I bought 10 years ago that are on their 3rd truck. I will never buy a steel and wood bed again.
Douglas Herold
Parts Director / Kearny Pearson Ford Kia
The Aluminum Bodies supplied by AlumBody for the Sprinter Chassis are second to none. The design is clean and sturdy and best of all Light weight. After we install the body, we scale it and it weighs less than 5400 lbs. With an 11030 lb GVWR, That’s almost 6000 lbs of payload. Awesome. We have used the standard removable stakes and the fold down sides. Both are well made, well designed, well received by my customers, and easy to use. AlumBody is A Load Maximizer!
Glen Thackeray
Walter’s Mercendes-Benz