Superb Lightweight

AlumBody aluminum truck beds are superior in weight compared to steel truck beds. After several years the aluminum bed pays for itself with the money you will save.


Never Corrodes

AlumBody aluminum truck beds will never corrode or rust. You will never have a problem with rust when you buy an aluminum bed.


Easy Access

All of AlumBody truck beds are built with easy access capabilities for both side and rear. You can even transfer the entire bed to a newer truck!


Made in America

AlumBody truck beds are assembled in America and are custom built for each truck. AlumBody beds are the most economical in the truck bed industry.


About Us

Our interesting story

AlumBody is a leader in the aluminum truck bed industry. For over 15 years, AlumBody has built a quality product at a value price, which is unsurpassed. Learn more about AlumBody and our trucks by watching our video.

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