Ford-alumbody ford aluminum beds Ford Ford alumbody

Did you hear that Ford is shedding 700 lbs off their #1 selling truck in the US? Ford is going to be using aluminum body panels on their F150 and is expecting to get as much as 30 mpg in highway driving. Making the F150 lighter is what will save the consumer money. That is what our Ford aluminum truck beds do. Save the consumer money on their vehicle expenses. Fairway Ford in Placentia, Ford of Orange, Villa Ford of Orange, Ken Grody Ford of Buena Park and Galpin Ford of North Hills are a few dealers we work with to help their customers save money every time they drive their truck with an AlumBody bed.

PS…. Is there a law yet that says you have to replace an Aluminum F150 Bed with an Aluminum flat bed when you convert it to a work truck?