Superb Lightweight

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Alumbody-lightweight superb lightweight Superb Lightweight Alumbody lightweight

AlumBody aluminum truck beds are superior in weight compared to steel truck beds.  After several years the aluminum bed pays for itself with the money you will save on gas and general wear and tear on the truck.  Not only is it lightweight but it is flexible and durable.

Stop wasting your money on gas and start investing in a smarter and more economical solution.  Aluminum is one of the strongest metals on the planet; because of how the atoms are structured it is very hard to break and instead bends because of the gaps in alloys.  All aircraft’s are made of aluminum because of the lightweight, durability and flexibility it provides, so why shouldn’t we use it on our everyday use of delivery vehicles?

Never Corrodes

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Alumbody-never-rust Never Corrodes Never Corrodes Alumbody never rust

AlumBody aluminum truck beds will never corrode or rust. You will never have a problem with rust when you buy an aluminum bed.   Steel eventually corrodes and you will end up having to replace the entire truck bed which will become quiet costly.

We have never had a customer have to replace their aluminum truck bed do to rust or corrosion. Come down and take a look at an AlumBody sample aluminum truck beds, see if it’s right for you. Get it right the first time, go with AlumBody for your truck bed needs.

Easy Access

No stress involved

Alumbody-easy-access-270x172 Easy Access Easy Access Alumbody easy access

All of AlumBody truck beds are built with easy access capabilities for both side and rear. You can even transfer the entire bed to a newer truck, exp. Tundra long bed to F150 long bed, etc.

The aluminum truck beds are approximately the same width as a factory bed, so no additional mirrors are needed. They are so lightweight that two people can carry the entire truck bed.

Made in America

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Alumbody-America made in america Made in America Alumbody America

Alumbody truck beds are assembled in America and are custom built for each truck. Alumbody beds are the most economical in the truck bed industry.

We assemble all of our aluminum truck beds in Orange, California and we support all of Southern California.  Give us a call and get a quote for your new gas saving, more durable, easy access, aluminum truck bed.

AlumBody Gates Alumbody gates

AlumBody gives you the option of one piece side or multiple side gates whether you chose Fold Down or Lift Out. Depending upon the material you are loading or unloading this option could come in handy.

These gates give you easy access to opening up and securing everything you store inside your truck.  These gates are truly the best and cannot be found anywhere else on the market as each one is custom built.